About me

“There is only now” is the rule I live by! I have a great appetite for life and I fear routine far more than I fear any adventure.

My name is Henriette. I was born in 1970 on the west coast of Denmark. I have traveled to 45 countries and ridden my motorcycle in 37 of them, more than 100.000 km.

From a young age I knew 2 things for certain: I wanted to see the world and I didn’t want any kids.

My parents were quite modern as they would take me and my 2 sisters on multiple trips throughout Europe, always in a camper van or a mini bus.

My own travelling began with a summer trip to the UK as I was 14 year old. Later as I finished high school, I traveled around Australia for almost a year. Through my early twenties I traveled all over Europe and worked in Switzerland twice.

As I did my Master in Business Degree I saw the opportunity to travel to Canada through an exchange program and spend 6 months in Vancouver studying at the University of British Columbia.

Later I moved to Stockholm in Sweden and lived there for 3½ years.

I have always been dreaming of and planning my next trip. Usually I spend my entire budget on traveling and often travel several times a month – always up for a weekend in Paris, a skiing trip to the Alps, a summer in Italy or a few days of roller skating along the beach in Barcelona.

For 9 years I was deeply involved in a roller derby in Denmark and with my team I would travel to cities around Europe to skate against opposing teams. We even traveled to Japan for a tournament and we participated at the 2nd Roller Derby World Championships in Texas.

On top of that my professional career has involved quite a bit of traveling.

Obviously I have also ridden my motorcycle quite a few kilometers through Europe, always drawn to the mountains passes in the alps and the Pyrenees. In 2010 I participated in a Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness off-road Rally in the Pyrenees. Later I have had the pleasure of riding with Massimo from Enduro Tours Barcelona, trying to improve my off-road riding skills. In 2019 I also I did a beautiful motorcycle trip around the Baltic sea through Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

My longest ride was in 2011-2012 when my friend Lars and I flew to Alaska, bought two bikes and rode them all the way to Argentina.
40.000 kilometers through 15 countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.